In 1942, Yamaha debuted their first acoustic guitar. By then, the company had been in business for almost fifty years, so they were already known for their instruments and musical products.

Yamahas products line has since expanded. At one point, they even had an archery products business and started manufacturing motorcycles. Many people may think that because Yamaha has interests in a wide range of things, they do not necessarily do any of them well. That simply is not true. Yamaha acoustic guitars are high quality and stand up to some of the best acoustic guitars in the world.

There guitar models include the Yamaha 12 String model, the Yamaha F-310, the Yamaha FG 700, the Yamaha C40, the Yamaha APX 500, the Yamaha L Series, and the Yamaha A Series. However, there are a lot of acoustic guitar styles available so you would have to visit our music store or the Yamaha website to learn about all of them.

There are also a lot of artists who love and play Yamaha acoustic guitars. These include Peter Hayes, Amy Abdou, Clayton Gibb, Peter Hayes, Chris Henderson, Michael Herring, David Lvita, Steve Wilkinson, Take 6, and Mark Oakley.

From "I Play Yamaha", a series of short videos featuring outstanding performances by great artists playing musical instruments made by Yamaha.

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