Classical Nylon

The classical guitar (also called the Spanish guitar) is the member of the guitar family used in classical music. It is an acoustical wooden guitar with six strings, usually nylon, as opposed to the metal strings used in acoustic and electric guitars.

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Yamaha C70 Classical Nylon Guitar
$299.00  $219.00
Save: $80.00 off
Yamaha CG122MS Classical Nylon Guitar
$439.00  $319.00
Save: $120.00 off
Yamaha CG142S Classical Nylon Guitar
$499.00  $369.00
Save: $130.00 off

Yamaha NTX1200R Classical Electric Nylon Guitar
$2,099.00  $1,489.00
Save: $610.00 off

Yamaha NCX900FM Classical Electric Nylon Guitar
$1,599.00  $1,289.00
Save: $310.00 off
Yamaha NCX1200R Classical Electric Nylon Guitar
$2,099.00  $1,499.00
Save: $600.00 off
Yamaha GC12S Classical Nylon Guitar
$1,299.00  $999.00
Save: $300.00 off